"The Financial Health of mga Consulting's consultants is my Top Priority."
Julia Ruslys

  • Need Benefits?

  • Buying a home?

  • Downsized?

  • Wishing you had disability coverage?

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"mga Consulting's goal is to help our clients reach their objectives by providing them with the best talent available. We can only do this by providing our consultants with services that set us apart from other consulting organizations. We are therefore introducing to you a resource which we believe will offer you personalized services, services tailored to you in the same way that your consulting services are tailored to your clients' needs. We hope that you will take advantage of these and engage Julia by sharing with her your challenges and issues so that she may assist you in achieving your financial goals."
- President MGA Consulting, Mehrdad Arjomandi -

MGA Consulting has brought in a financial security advisor sponsored by Freedom 55 Financial, part of the Power Corp Group of Companies (including Great West Life, Investors Group, Canada Life, Mackenzie Financial and London Life), who will be your point of contact and interface to a whole team of specialists that bring to the table a wealth of financial industry experience and the distinct desire to help you achieve your goals for financial freedom at every stage of your life. MGA Consulting is pleased to introduce you to Julia Ruslys. Julia has had a distinguished career in consulting, both as a Security Practice Manager and Project Manager with global companies. Julia understands first hand, the challenges you face and is prepared to work closely with each of you to help you define and achieve your financial/lifestyle goals.

My Commitment to mga consultants:

"I will help mga's consultants and clients build a financial security plan tailored to help them identify and achieve their goals at every stage of their personal and/or business life."
- Julia Ruslys -

Typical Examples:

  • Ready to buy a home?
    Check out our Prime Preferred Mortgage: Saves on interest costs - Prime minus 2% for first year:
    Are you looking to qualify for a mortgage, but, as a self-employed consultant, have no regular income?

  • Want to protect your family from unplanned financial burdens due to accidental injury causing disability, sickness, or even an untimely death?
    Let's work on a Benefit/Protection package customized to meet your personal family health coverage needs that when combined with all available company contribution, will provide you with Health and Disability coverage including dental and prescription drug schedules as well as Accident and Sickness insurance plans.

  • Have you recently been downsized, despite your strong work experience, and simply want to reorganize your investment portfolio to maximize cash flow with continued growth while you offer your expertise and experience as a consultant? Or, perhaps you simply wish to shelter your settlement to some RRSP's or another fund to ensure continued growth until you are ready to retire some years from now? Taking care of your hard-earned money so you can achieve peace of mind knowing your goals will be met is my promise of service to my clients.

Contact Me:

- call Julia Ruslys at 905-276-1177 x 549 for more details
- fax: 905-276-4010
- email: julia.ruslys@freedom55financial.com

Here is a summary of the services which I provide for my clients:

  • I provide financial security advice.
  • I will get answers to your questions.
  • I will provide you with options and choices for achieving your goals and objectives.
  • I will provide you with expertise that extends through me to specialists in areas such as tax and estate planning and employee benefits to name a few.

How I provide financial security advice:

  • I follow the guidelines of a unique planning process.
  • I want to hear about your issues and concerns and will take the time to listen and address them.
  • I meet with you regularly to understand your unique goals and objectives.
  • I help with solutions to support your needs based on your priorities.
  • I regularly review your changing needs.
  • I have a wealth of expertise available through a variety of specialist resources that I call upon for your specific requirements.
  • I make recommendations for taking action.
  • I coach my clients to help them every step of the way to make sure they take good advice and apply it and reach their goals.

Plans specific to you and your family's or business' needs:

  • Business
    • Key person life insurance
    • Key person disability insurance
    • Business overhead insurance
    • Buy/Sell agreement funding
    • Group health insurance
    • Group RRSP's
  • Individual
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Critical Illness insurance
    • Health and Dental insurance
    • Segregated fund contracts, RRSPs
    • Payout annuities, RRIFs, LIFs
    • Mortgages
    • Solutions BankingTM: line of credit, loans